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1945 - 1949 - Memories of the mid 1940's

I was born on the 29th of Feb 1940 and the Fire on the 29th of Feb 1944!


  1. Madame Zurcovitch taught my sister ballet as a result my sister excelled at ballet. 
  2. Susan Channer was head girl when I left St Andrews in 1949.
  3. Roland Trail was a friend and he was the only one missing at the fire roll call, on the day of the fire. On the search they found Roland still a sleep. Roland left Kenya and as his Mum was Australian went to OZ . There he married Winston Churchill's niece. I have lost total contact.
  4. Ma Lavers was a great Ghandi fan and would extol his merits.Ma lavers introduced to an awareness about Ëcollii and contaminated water / cholera and we saw serious documentaries on drug dens and addiction of the Chinese's in Hong Kong.
  5. At Rest time in the afternoon in the hall, Ma would read a story, but someone had to scratch her back. Anyone with forward leading shoulders had to lie on a wooden bench to straighten their backs.
  6. We boys would go to the girls dormitory and Ma would tell her Flat About story. I wonder if there was any record of Ma's "Flat About" stories. We were all on this large Turtle and had a square to ourselves, things happened and we were called by name to resolve the situation.
  7. Whilst at Turi I witnessed a total eclipse.
  8. The Italian Prisoners of war were rebuilding the school and would make us whistles from straws.
  9. The Italian prisoners made Halloween a real event. We were all spoilt.
  10. I was not quite five and got smacked, on my 1st day at school, because I was playing and did not come in when the bell rang.
  11. Before breakfast every day we would line up on the pavement for supervised deep breathing exercises.
  12. The school law was that none of us students were allowed to talk to the native staff. I gave two fingers to this interdict, as I was brought up in the bush and Africans were my friends.
  13. Another of Ma's rules was that none of us were allowed to wear swimming trunks or costumes. Girls took the 1st pool session and the boys queued up for the second pool session.
  14. At breakfast we were all made to take a tablespoon of beemax dry and a tea spoon of olive oil paste - Yuk Yuk Yuk. 
  15. Lord and Lady Baden-Powell were personal friends of Ma and we as cubs and brownies had no concept of history and the siege of Ladysmith. They were just part of the school. etc.
  16. We would go by horse cart to Ma Dewers for riding.
  17. My wife was born in Turi, but it was not planned as she came early and was born in a Landover in Turi and spent her first night in the Turi Doctor's desk drawer!
  18. I never became a ballet dancer as it was sissy to wear underpants and vest - only pommes wore such things. Going to school for the start of a term from Nairobi was by steam train. The train would leave at 22h00 and the 1st via duct, seen in daylight the next day, we all threw out our underpants and vests. as if it was confetti. However it was compulsory for all new students to go to the Chapel and have a dancing audition by Madame Zurcovitch. After Madame Zurcovitch's introductions,  our first command was to take off our clothes and come back in our underpants. Consequently I was never auditioned.

Submitted by: Andrew Charles Richmond Cobb

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