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1937-1940 - Blue Pierce

I am afraid I don’t look back on my time at St. Andrew’s as being happy days...

except when, being underweight I was moved to the Skinny Room for all meals!  There we had cream on our porridge and were encouraged to have second helpings. I was there with Margaret and Ineka Pelt; never more than six of us which, being an only child and very shy, suited me well, but I am still skinny!  I was afraid of “Ma” Lavers and lived in dread of being chosen to massage her head while she read to us in the Hall. Has anyone else remembered this – I wonder?

I learnt a lot, made good friends and I’m glad to know St. Andrew’s is still highly thought of as a school.

Submitted by: Jeanette Pockley, known as Blue Pierce

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