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Contact a Friend

Friends together

If you have lost contact with an old school friend and you'd like to get back in touch, we may be able to help.

If you are a St Andrew's Association member you can use your password to look through the database on the school website. Go to the Association Member's Area link in this section. If they are Old Turians too you can contact them directly via the email they have given.

If you could not find your friend or are not yet a member of the St Andrew's Association we may be able to forward a letter or email on your behalf. (Due to the Data Protection Act we cannot give out alumni contact details).

First contact us using the contact details below, giving us your friend's name and year in which they left school, or any other information which you think might help us.

We will confirm whether or not we have an up-to-date email or postal address for them. If we have their email address, please email us with your message asking for it to be forwarded to your friend.

Email: association@turimail.co.ke